• Why should I raise money through qidiancapitals.com?

    Qidian makes raising capital for your investment easier. Submitting your investment opportunity, receiving approval, listing and funding can all be completed in a fraction of the time required in dealing with banks and institutional funding channels. Also, because all our investors are accredited, Qidian provides you with a sophisticated funding source. More significantly, by pooling all investors into a single LLC, we manage all investor relationships for you, allowing you to focus on the real estate opportunity and leaving investor management and communications to us.

  • What does it cost to raise money through qidiancapitals.com?

    Real Estate Companies that raise capital through our investment platform will be required to reimburse Qidian for its out of pocket expenses related to establishing and managing the fund that invests in your project.  These costs typically include legal, accounting and compliance costs.

    The exact amount of the riembursement will depend on the specific investment opportunity. Please contact us for more details.

  • How do I list my real estate investment opportunity on Qidian?

    To list your investment opportunity on the Qidian Investment Platform, please create an account and submit an application here.  Once you submit an application, we will review it and get back to you within 24-48 hours to let you know whether it has been accepted.  We will then request additional information and materials on your company and your specific investment to determine whether it is a good fit for our members.

  • How long will it take to raise money?

    While each opportunity is unique and the time it takes to complete funding can vary, investments listed on the Qidian platform are often funded within 5-7 days.  However, please note that we do not guaranty that we will be able to successfully fund your investment.

  • Will information regarding my investment offering remain confidential?

    Prior to your investment being listed on Qidian, all information will remain confidential and will only be reviewed by Qidian’s due diligence team internally. However, once listed, we will share pre-approved information about your investment with our registered Accredited Investors to allow them to make an informed investment decision.

  • How does the JOBS Act Impact Qidian?

    Qidian is not currently operating under either Title II or Title III of the JOBS Act.  Rather, all investment offerings made available through Qidian are conducted under existing Regulation D, Rule 506(b) and accordingly available only to Accredited Investors behind a secure firewall.

  • Does Qidian verify that my investors are accredited?

    Yes. Because our investor community is currently limited to Accredited Investors, when signing up, each user must provide specific information about him/herself that is used to determine whether the user is an Accredited Investor.  At this time the user must also indicate which Accredited Investor requirement he/she meets, and certify that he/she is an Accredited Investor.   Furthermore, prior to closing and accepting any investment from one of our registered investors, additional identity checks are performed to ensure that the user is an Accredited Investor.

  • What kind of real estate investments can be listed on Qidian?

    Qidian welcomes the following types of investments:

    (1)  Cash-flowing/Value-Add equity investments in commercial and residential properties such as apartments, retail, office and pools of single family homes;

    (2)  Equity investments in Fix & Flips located in high demand/low supply markets;

    (3)  Loans secured by residential and commercial real estate.

  • How do you choose which real estate companies can raise money through Qidian?

    We’re looking for companies with a knowledgeable team and a proven strategy and track record. We run background and credit checks on you and your company and review each investment opportunity internally. Once we are comfortable with your team and the investment, we will post your investment on the site. Currently, only a small percentage of prospective investments are listed on the site.

  • What is my obligation to Qidian once fundraising has closed?

    We require companies who raise capital through Qidian to provide us with quarterly updates which we will share with our fund investors. These updates will typically be no different than those you would provide to investors and financial institutions outside of Qidian and will include rent rolls, operating statements and investment summaries.

  • Will I have to manage a bunch of small investors?

    No! Qidian pools all individual investors into a single LLC, which we refer to as a Qidian Fund, and stays on as the Manager of this Fund LLC. This allows you to focus your time on managing and operating the investment property while leaving investor communications and management to us.  This also means that you only have to prepare a single K-1 each year for the Qidian Fund and Qidian handles preparation of separate K-1's for all investors in the Fund.

  • How often are distributions made to investors?

    For loan offerings, the borrower is required to make distributions monthly and for equity offerings, distributions are made either monthly or quarterly.  For fix and flip equity investments, distributions are usually made when the property is sold.  We require that you make all investor distributions via ACH transfer and can help you set that up.

  • When posting a debt investment, what criteria does Qidian look for?

    Qidian provides loans secured by residential properties (1-4 units) and commercial properties like apartment buildings.  Most of these loans are rehab or construction loans with maturities ranging from 3 to 18 months. We require that the Borrower have a minimum credit score of at least 600 and that the loan meet the following criteria:

    (1)  Loan to cost (LTC) is less than 80%; and

    (2)  The estimated loan to after repair value (once the property is rehabbed) is less than 65%

    For second position or mezzanine loans, we may lend up to 90% LTC.